Brent Jensen

Head of Product & Growth @ GradSchool
Hey, how's it going? I'm Brent, one of the founding team members @ GradSchool. I enjoy all things growth and product, have any questions I could help out with?
Hey everyone, we're going live with Jeremy Redman, founder of the no-code app building tool V One

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Thursday October 8th, 2020
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Come join Skylor, Deep, and myself to chat ask questions, get feedback, and share ideas! 

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Meeting ID: 926 5401 9232
Passcode: 215225
Hey Everyone,

I've got some free time in my schedule and I wanted to give some value to the community.

I want to give you free advice/feedback on anything related to your business.

I'll answer the ones I'm qualified to, or reachout to my network do get answers for those I'm not.

You can get some advice with this form:

Things I'm particularly qualified to answer
  • Anything growth and strategy related
  • marketing strategy
  • Finding channels for customer acquisition
  • Validating ideas
  • content marketing
  • SEO 
  • No-code tools
    • i.e. "how can i build ____" type questions
  • Finding "NorthStar" metrics
  • Product prioritization
  • Lifestyle (exercise, mental health, relationships) 
Q: How do I know when need to stop pursuing a project?

A: I've started maybe 10-15 projects over the last 5 years, maybe only 2-3 made them to launch, or I continue them today. When I think about why I should continue with or end a project, I always think about what I could be doing. Typically the point at which I stop a project is when the opportunity cost is greater than the value the project would bring. 

It's not helpful to think about what else you could be doing while you're building a project (you should focus on your project 100%). Typically I wait for signals before I start thinking about that question of opportunity cost. For every additional hour of effort you're putting in, are you making more progress?  Is your view of success for the project just as clear as it was before you started?

So, reflection is important. This is also why the Lean Methodology of building companies/projects/products is super important. You build, you test, you reflect, you iterate. An iteration might be axing the project, or starting over again. We always make grand assumptions about the success or scale of our project in the beginning, part of the process is about proving these assumptions right or wrong. 
I'm sure the community can get a lot of value from you 🙋🏻‍♂️
Curious what people have on their reading list right now? 

Personally I like to read multiple books at once, each in different categories. 

Right now I’m working on:

1. Ultralearners -Scott Young
2. The Rebel - Albert Camus 
3. Anti-fragile - Nassim Taleb
Right now I'm re-reading a Company of One by Paul Jarvis.

Nassim Taleb is great, haven't read UltraLearners by Scott Young let us know if it's any good
I can relate with you about reading multiple books at once haha.

Recently completed - Zero to sold, Arvid Kahl.
Next up - The code of the extraordinary mind, Vishen Lakhiani.

Do you take notes?
James Skylor replied
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SuperLife by Dan Orlien 
Maybe you shouldn’t talk to someone by Lori Gottlieb 
Writing for others Nathaniel Pilkenton 
Hey everyone,

Currently I'm doing some research for an article on launching companies.

This is somewhat playing off of what Lenny Rachitsky was written about, except I'm looking to go explore more than just B2B and B2C Software co's. 

Currently, some of the models I'm looking into now are:
  • Writing/blogging
  • eCommerce store
  • Agency/Studio

Any other models I should add in here? 
I've been really interested in the 3rd party app companies.  Pixel Union is an interesting company I've looked at that solely makes apps for the shopify app store.
How about a (paid) newsletter? Substack has enabled us with this new model.

Hey Everybody,

I'm Brent. I'm the head of product and growth here at GradSchool. 

Here's what I'm good at, so feel free to reach out to me with questions for:
  • Content Marketing/social media
  • No-code tools
  • Growth Strategy
  • writing/blogging
  • PPC ads (FB/Insta, Google)
  • web design

I also pursue tons of other areas for knowledge. I'm currently self-learning data science and scripting in python. 

I write sometimes at brent-jensen . com and I'm pretty active on twitter :)