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Kevin Limbombe

Law Student

How are you building your "Brand" online?

As we all know building an amazing product isn't enough to get significant early adoption of your product.

There are clear cases of people online building a brand via twitter. You name it; we've seen indie hacker after indie hacker building a brand via twitter. But I consistently see people with amazing startups that are not having any luck in the personal brand-building phase. I've worked in tech for a couple of years and I don't think the "nerd/geek/loner" stereotype is a fair representation of the majority of devs. So I don't think the introverted excuse is a legitimate reason for lack of results in brand building. Therefore, I have a couple of questions for the grad school community:

  1. What have been your most effective methods for building your brand?
  2. Are other social media platforms more effective in building your personal brand? (I'm starting to think that a platform like Quora could be even more effective than Twitter for a multitude of reasons ie. reputation building)
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