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Engineer at Google
Hey guys, I'm currently working as an engineer at Google and building side projects for fun.
Not sure if I'll get an answer as I realize I'm early in this community. Regardless, I'm wondering if anyone has experience building or designing Fintech products? Currently working on something and have a few product related q's
Hey Tejas I can help you out this evening if you want to pop on a call. Just DM me here. Deep KakkadΒ use to lead marketing at Fintech School so he may be able to help out as well!
Hi, hi Tejas! :)

I've helped FinTech School with marketing & growth for more than 2 years. Would love to discuss more and help wherever I can. Feel free to DM.
I'm Tejas. I currently work as a software engineer at Google working on Firebase. I enjoy building side projects for fun and hope to launch my own startup one day πŸš€
Excited to check this out.Β 
Hey Tejas you should connect withΒ Tony Conte. I know you were building a budgeting app in your spare time at Google and he is currently working on one in NY.
Tony Conte replied
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