Brent JensenΒ I'm trying to figure out the best No-Code app for building an application that works like Trello. This app that I'm trying to build is for manufacturers, they do everything paper based. We want to provide a digital transformation to these manufacturers by helping them organize their tasks to complete a production run of a particular product by using a trello like interface where an operator can move the card(job) to another line one's his job is done and the next person working on another line should be able to do the same.Β 
I'd take a look into Bubble.ioΒ 

Funny enough they even have a tutorial on how to build a trello clone!Β
Yay! Thanks guys for helping Shakeeb :)
wow that's amazing, thanks for sharing this. Let's see how the App comes along.
James Skylor replied
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Hey Guys, I'm Shakeeb. I finished school last year and started to work as a Business Analyst at Factory Bucket in London, me mainly help manufacturing industries to automate their business processes. Our company aligns with Industry 4.0 & the No Code movement that recently started gaining traction. Would love to hear thoughts on No Code from the GradSchool community.
Happy to have you hear Shakeeb! πŸ‘
Welcome, Shakeeb! :)

Shakeeb is a good friend of mine. We were just on a call discussing his company's plans on building a no-code tool of their own. Very cool!

Shakeeb -Β Brent JensenΒ is the guy I wanted to introduce you to. Feel free to ask your particular question in Ask /Q&A section about 'what no-code' tool to use' for your project, the community will be happy to guide you.

Brent Jensen replied
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I want to be able to manage the manufacturing process of the companies by using the No Code tools to build a CRM system, Customer Payments, Production & Inventory Management. Be able to utilize tools like Zapier to do the to & fro data in the systems.Β