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Hey guys, Sudharshan here. I'm a Machine Learning Engineer and love building cool stuff. I was previously a Founder in residence at EF, where I was working on Synthetic Media (DeepFakes, Voice cloning and more).Β 

I'm out of ideas to build things in the pandemic, but if you have a cool idea you want to brainstorm hit me up!

Easiest way to reach me is on email :

Cheers :)
Nice to have you here Sudharshan!Β 
Hey Sudharshan I was a ML researcher at the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII) and built a bunch of cool stuff too! Have you got your hands on a GPT-3 invite?Β 

Whereabouts where you a founder in residence at EF? I know a few guys going through their interview process for the program in Toronto right now!Β 

If you go hereΒΒ you can check out a bunch of request for startups and ideas from top investors and share your own in that thread! What was the product you were working on at EF?
Sudharshan Babu replied
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