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Hello all,

I'm currently a Sr. Product Manager at a FAANG based in Canada. Been working in fintech and HRtech the last few years and am now looking to build something new.Β 

Things I've worked on in the past:
Mobile App to make quick picture polls you can send your friends. Stopped after a Beta run and unable to secure funding.Β 
Cleaning service business - all bookable online. Stopped after 2 years of revenue, but little growth.
Dropshipping products - Built one store, ran it for 2 years ($100k/year sales) and sold the site (Yay, my first exit!)

Now, I'm looking to scratch my own itch and drumming up ideas around Caregiving. My brother and I take care of our parents as they're getting older and sick - it's definitely not an easy responsibility so it must be ripe for opportunity :)Β 
Thanks for joining us Ash! Whereabouts in Canada are you? I believeΒ Yilan is working on something in a similar space, you two should connect!
Hi, Ash!

Welcome to the community :)

Loved knowing about your varied experiences.

I've unsuccessfully (broke even, though) done a lot of dropshipping haha πŸ˜€ Congrats on the exit with $100k/year! Did you do the marketing yourself?

BTW - Would be awesome to have you part of today's office hours call in a couple of hours at 3 PM EST, if you're available.