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Hey everyone, I'm Ian.Β  I like to help people make great PowerPoints.Β  I am also a technology podcaster. Β I am here to share my knowledge as well as network to make my startup OSINT business succeed.Β 
Hey Ian, it's awesome to see you creating content and sharing it with the world! Happy to have you aboard! πŸ‘ What does your startup OSINT do?
James SkylorΒ We help people disappear online as well as provide business intelligence for mergers and acquisitions.Β 
Ian Trimble wow that sounds awesome! Is there a place we can go to check it out?Β 
Very cool business Ian! I’ve been fascinated with taking OSINT tactics to help building target packages in prospects and mine for potential information that can clinch deals or get ahead of competitorsΒ - what’s business’sΒ website?
Hey there.

I'm Mustafa πŸ˜€. Final year Computer Science Student from Pakistan. These days I'm working on creating my portfolio website. Just learned WordPress recently so utilizing that skill. I'm not usually a web developer though. I actually don't know how to label myself. I've worked in and explored so many different avenues in my profession. I'm more of a "Jack of all trades" person. Following are some fields of my interest:
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Python. I love making scripts in Python and I've made dozens
  • Designing
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Flutter
  • Branding and Social Media Management

P.S: I also do part-time freelancing on Fiverr. Here's my profile: www.fiverr.com/codingbasement
Nice to have you aboard Ahmed! πŸ‘Β  Feel free to share your personal website when it's ready and your github showcasing all your python and ML work!Β 
Hey everyone! Excited to be a part of this community. 😊
Tony here from New York. Recent Grad here! Did my Bachelor's in Aeronautical Science πŸ›©οΈ I'm also a first-time founder so I'm constantly learning new things every day. If you have any tips from when you guys were in my shoes, I'd love to hear them! πŸ’œ

I'm currently building a personal finance application designed to accelerate a healthier financial future for millennials. Our education system is broken. Personal finance management is not taught in schools which leads to people racking up credit card debt, multiple liabilities, and working their entire lives for money instead of having money work for them! πŸ’Έ

I want to change that especially now more than ever with COVID. I'm building a network of partners (our first partner is Savology who just secured a 750K seed round) to create content from reliable sources - articles, podcasts, and videos all in our app revolving around personal finance education in a fun, conversational way. We're also working with the newest technology (open banking and AI/ML) and financial advisors so that our users always have someone to chat with for finance help.Β  πŸ’¬

Looking forward to contributing to this community and learning more about the startup culture! ✨

Hello, I'm Akhil, I'm from India, a 21-year-old dropout, working on a healthcare platform currently in the pre-seed stage. I have failed a lot in my life, especially failed to launch 3 startups. So I guess I have more experience and stuff to share on failure and what not to do when starting up than to-do.Β 

Ya, that's about it from me.Β 

G.day 🌟

πŸ‘‹πŸ½ Everyone - excited to join this community! I run a consulting practice focussed on helping business in the B2b and enterprise space build sales teams that win deals. I love what I do and it’s been a crazy ride learning how to scale a professional services business. One of my ambitions has been to codify what I’ve learned and package my experience in to a product - whether it’s a kit, book or course is something I’ve been debating for a long time. Ideally I’d like to develop a course to help train the next generation Β of salespeople. I’d love thoughts and recommendations from anyone here! And if your struggling to scale up sales or revenue drop me a line!
Sounds like you can folloe the exact playbook Bell Curve / Demand Curve did in the growth marketing space but for B2B sales! Nice to have you here Ali! πŸ‘

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