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Hi GradSchool,

My name is Kevin and I'm a "soon-to-be-former" Technical Implementation Manager (Last day is this Friday) for a Consumer - Tech company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'll be starting Law School in August, but after being apart of a fairly successful acquisition this Winter I'm looking to possibly start something while in Law School. If anyone has any resources involving customer discovery or initial product research it would be greatly appreciated.
Hey Kevin congrats on the acquisition! πŸŽ‰. Are you going to be attending law school in Toronto? You check out this thread on customer interview and finding product/market fit: but I think you may be asking if anyone has resources for helping you discover what you should start while in law school? Or how to narrow down which of your ideas to work on?
Thanks James! I'll be attending Windsor Law, but I'll be living in Toronto over the next year due to Pandemic and Building renovations on the law building. Right now, I'm looking to do some in-depth market knowledge before I start shipping. That thread looks promising. πŸ‘
Hello, Kevin.

Welcome to GradSchool :)

Just read the Pr piece about the acquistion, that's awesome - congrats. Must be an interesting time, yes? πŸ˜€

As you'll be going to Law-school, you may also want to explore something in legal-tech, what do you think? For example, BlueJLegal (who are also based in Toronto, I believe).
It's definitely been interesting, to say the least! Especially with the pandemic.

I'm familiar with BlueJLegal! In terms of the direction I want to take, I want to veer clear from Legal Tech startups as I'll be focusing on Law over the next 3 years.
Kevin Limbombe If you're looking for info on how to find and measure your ideas here's some content from the 'idea' part of our How to start and grow a startup course inside the paid membership that may help you out:

As an entrepreneur, you absolutely must commit to testing, refining, and re-testing the fundamental assumptions about your business, your product, your customers, and your market.
How to find better ideas?
Do an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and attempt to find something with great "founder market fit"

You Don't Have to Pick a Massive Venture Scalable Business Idea
  • Most companies in the world don't require VC to start, this is a good thing.
  • Trying to raise money for something that doesn't require VC doesnt make sense and isnt a great use of anyones time

Idea Quality Scores:
Now how does this checklist work. It's composed of 5 parts that are out of 10 and add up to 50.
  • Founder market fit: 1/10 (how good are you in relation to the market your choosing)
  • How easy is it to get started on the idea: 1/10 (if your starting a newsletter you can get started on substack in 5mins, this would be a 10/10 easy vs. quantum computers that's 1/10 easy)
  • How realistic it is for you to acquire 10-100 true fans w/in the next 3-6 months w/ this idea: 1/10
  • Early market feedback from customers: 1/10
  • How easy it is to start making money: 1/10
Add up your scores for an overall score out of 50. The higher the score the better the idea.

These recommended readings should also help! :)

Recommended Readings:
πŸ–₯️ Before the Startup by Paul Graham
πŸ“• How to Get Startup Ideas by Paul Graham
πŸ–₯️ Excerpt from Steve Jobs’s 1995 interview with Computerworld’s Oral History Project - watch from 1:10:53 onwards
πŸ–₯ How to Evaluate Startup Ideas by Kevin Hale
πŸ–₯ How to get and test startup ideas by Michael Siebel
πŸ“• Hidden Patterns of Great Startup Id
eas by NFX

Checkout request for startups from:
Data Collectiv
Earnest Capita
Erik Torenb
A16Z Life in 2030 HaystackVC
NFX Startup Ideas
Elizabeth Yin
*remember you don't have to build a fancy tech startup, you can build a podcast, newsletter, marketing tool or membership business. Build an audience, find your 100 - 1000 true fans and build a product or service for them.

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