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Hi GradSchoolers, happy to be part of this community and would add any knowledge to give back to the community in anyway possible.

I'm a second time entrepreneur, back to square one in buildingΒ now. Previously I co-founded an e-commerce company which got acquired.

A little bit about Trainn and would ❀️ your feedback.
Trainn helps to create professional quality product training videos for SaaS companies.Β I believe that the better the customer understand your product, the higher the chances for adoption which leads to upgrading and less of churn.

I feel this is an interesting problem to solve. Trainn is in private beta and I would love to give you access if you would like to try it out for your product. Feel free to follow me in twitter.

Cheers 🍻
Awesome Idea Issac.Β 

As a huge Webflow user, I see what they're doing about product education with their Webflow University and I don't see why more companies aren't pursuing product education more seriously!Β 
Hey Brent, absolutely. Recently came to know about Webflow university from Producthunt. They have done an amazing job with crisp content.

The reason I see resistance in why many have not pursued product education content is that creating content is like pulling teeth. Adding on top of that, the frustration it takes to create video content - people ditch it even before starting πŸ˜…

That's why we thought very deeply about this problem and made it super easy to create product training videos within just 5 minutes. Basically as simple as creating a powerpoint presentation. πŸ˜›

I'm absolutely thrilled to see that once this happens, the revenue and cost reductions that can be significant.

These are our humble beginning, do refer product managers if they need to check us out. I'm happy to give them special access.

Happy to have you Isaac! Super clean landing page. Really easy to understand what you do πŸ‘
Thanks a lot James, what you are doing here at GradSchool is just amazing! Keep up. I'm happy to share back knowledge and learnings back to the community. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ More power.
Appreciate that Isaac!Β πŸ™. Do you mind sharing what your last ecom company was/did?Β 
James Skylor Sure. It's Inkmonk - An online marketplace for custom printed products. Think of it like Amazon for Printed products.

Built it over 6 years and acquired by Printo which is India's largest print retail company.

The team was 28 when it got acquired and I love building large impact companies with small humble teams. Super excited to be back at square one for Trainn. πŸ˜„
That's awesome Isaac! Excited to see you grow Trainn. Let us know if you ever need anything help!
Great stuff, Isaac. I've signed up! Excited to see where it leads.

Welcome to GradSchool ❀

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