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Hey guys, Sudharshan here. I'm a Machine Learning Engineer and love building cool stuff. I was previously a Founder in residence at EF, where I was working on Synthetic Media (DeepFakes, Voice cloning and more).Β 

I'm out of ideas to build things in the pandemic, but if you have a cool idea you want to brainstorm hit me up!

Easiest way to reach me is on email :

Cheers :)
Nice to have you here Sudharshan!Β 
Hey Sudharshan I was a ML researcher at the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII) and built a bunch of cool stuff too! Have you got your hands on a GPT-3 invite?Β 

Whereabouts where you a founder in residence at EF? I know a few guys going through their interview process for the program in Toronto right now!Β 

If you go hereΒΒ you can check out a bunch of request for startups and ideas from top investors and share your own in that thread! What was the product you were working on at EF?
Oh that's nice! I've seen some of AMII work. Cool stuff! And no I haven't gotten my hands on GPT3. Would be pretty cool to build some cool demos but I doubt you can build a proper product.Β 

EF Singapore :)

Nice will check the ideas forum out. I was working on things similar toΒ
Sudharshan BabuΒ yeah there is definitely some cool stuff being built!
Cool! What was your experience like at EF Singapore??
Sweet, what happened with that company? We can come up with some new ideas!

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