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Hey Guys, I'm Shakeeb. I finished school last year and started to work as a Business Analyst at Factory Bucket in London, me mainly help manufacturing industries to automate their business processes. Our company aligns with Industry 4.0 & the No Code movement that recently started gaining traction. Would love to hear thoughts on No Code from the GradSchool community.
Welcome, Shakeeb! :)

Shakeeb is a good friend of mine. We were just on a call discussing his company's plans on building a no-code tool of their own. Very cool!

Shakeeb -Β Brent JensenΒ is the guy I wanted to introduce you to. Feel free to ask your particular question in Ask /Q&A section about 'what no-code' tool to use' for your project, the community will be happy to guide you.

Hey Mohammed!Β 

Happy to discuss anything no-code related!
Happy to have you hear Shakeeb! πŸ‘
Hi Mohammad! What technical problems do you need to solve? No Code is great tool, but sometimes it isn't a good fit for the problem at hand.
I want to be able to manage the manufacturing process of the companies by using the No Code tools to build a CRM system, Customer Payments, Production & Inventory Management. Be able to utilize tools like Zapier to do the to & fro data in the systems.Β 

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