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Hello and thank you for having me here. I'm Mehmet Karakus, 22 years old and originally from Turkey but grew up in Germany and now living in Spain. I've build & worked on several Startups/Projects and failed in many as well.Β 

I exited my latest Startup to a venture builder and I'm currently thinking about building a new Startup around matching Interns with Startups by allowing Interns to own their whole internship experience remotely and by helping startups to save time and money in the hiring & whole internship process.Β 
If anyone is looking for interns for their startup or looking for an Internship I'd be super grateful having a chat with you. Thank youπŸ™Β 
Thanks for joining us Mehmet! Cool that you've lived in so many places.

I'm not aware of anyone looking for an internship but what is the approximate cost to the startup / employer to hire a remote intern?
Hi James and thank you for having me. It really depends on the size and every Startup works differently. Some are very efficient already but some aren't and it's a pain for them as we got to understand that they do everything manually and don't have the time neither the willpower to take care of the intern etc. So mainly the cost is the time. We exactly don't know either at this early discovery stage but the paint point is somewhere there.
Hi, Mehmet

Welcome to the community. Congrats on the exit, and very interesting what you're on to next.

Hi Deep, thank you for having me here. Happy to share and learn from each other here.

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