While Quarantine locked us in our home, It made us realise how ample of free time we have with us.

So, How did you or should I say, are you using this free time? Have you grown any new habit?

I have started exercising to not be lazy πŸ˜….
Nice question, everyone may have created new habits while this time.

For me, my daily life hasn't changed much - always been working remotely so the schedules and the work-style are still the same.

If something has changed, I go out less and hence more family time ❀
More family time is good thing and I am pretty sure most of us here work remotely, haha :)
That's great to hear that you started exercising Vaibhav! I started a routine of going on an evening walk and playing basketball to get out of the house and get some fresh air haha.Β 
Man, I miss playing Basketball. Playing a sport is a way of exercising in itself. That's great that you have started something!
Same over here! I'm trying to keep a daily habit of exercising my abs each day to build some self-discipline. Also been reading a lot. Let me know if you have any good recommendations.Β 
That's great, Tony. I love reading and I have read a couple of books so far. Here are some recommendations if you are into non-fiction:-

1. Zero to Sold by Arvid Kahl (Still reading)
2. The E Myth Revisited
VaibhavΒ We'll get Arvid on as a guest speaker soon. He just featured one of our posts on his newsletter. That's awesome that you're familiar with Ikigai

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