It was 6:30 in the morning when I felt a sudden urge to let people know who visit my profile on how I feel about this, so instead of my work experience, I changed my LinkedIn profile summary to this -

(I get around 300-400 profile views a month on my LinkedIn.)

This is the place where I'm supposed to write my "experience summary".

Not something I'm fond of - 2 years of this job, 4 years of x grades, and 5 months of that internship. Is that how you want to remember me? 😟 I guess not.

Let's take a moment to agree on the fact that you, I, and every other human being is way more than the years we've spent working. Or, the degree we've earned.

(I'm lucky that none of the companies I've worked with asked me about the topics I've learned while doing my degrees. Someone asking me about my grades has become a turn-off, actually.)

Maybe, the time someone has spent working is a prejudiced and also an objective criterion to gauge their ability. And, I'm definitely sure there are people who've worked fewer years but are damn good at their thing compared to people who've spent more years doing that.

It's easy - Ditch the numbers (age, work experience years, CGPA 🧐) and follow the qualities.

Qualities including ambitiousness, drive, integrity, passion, perseverance are a better judge of someone's ability, I believe.

Students read below -

If ANYTHING about me, I want you to know that, some of the best learning experiences I've ever had were -

  • while experimenting,
  • while reading books,
  • while reading tweets from people who've been there and done that,
  • while spending nights going from one article to another to learn a topic,
  • and by not giving up when no one believed in me.

I'm not saying you don't learn while working a job, you 100% do. You just have to make sure that the areas of your inputs are not too confined in the company or the team.

Get a job where you are free to work/execute as you want, you're not too restricted about 'how you can help the company', and the people you're working with are encouraging and appreciative of your efforts.

Peace & love ❤ 

What are your views? 🙂

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