Hello everyone, hope all is well with you amid the crisis.

My Pitch Deck for my Healthcare Startup is ready, and I would like to send it to potential Investors, So I need some insights and your wise knowledge and experiences on this.  

Other tiny questions:
  1. Advisable to reach via Twitter?
  2. Can I ask an investor to connect me to another investor? the 2nd one is into my industry?
  3. Should I include the "Notes" for each slide in the Presentation?

Thanks 🙂
Hey Akhil, I just left a VC firm in SF so can definitely help you out if you want to share your deck. The biggest thing with your startup that investors will want to see is traction or validation of some kind and make sure you personalize each email or twitter DM. 
I.e. the structure should follow something along the lines of:
Hello, personalized respect for a company they invested in and helped grow, how you're similar to that company and what traction you have thus far, link to pitch deck. 

To answer your mini questions:

1. I would use twitter search to find customers in your niche and comment there how you can help. You can also scour VC twitter and comment on what you're doing / something tangible in a thread that is applicable. Use twitter to engage with VCs, don't spam.

2. Yes after your meeting with an angel or VC referrals are key. Something like “Glad you’re pumped… any thoughts on who else I should meet with?" works well. 

3. Ideally your slide deck should be super easy to consume and understand. Always source your data. Only include notes when clarification or proof of math/source is needed. 

Your goal should be to get on a quick 5-20 min Zoom call where you pitch the company. At the end of every meeting, get a clear understanding of where they stand on your deal opportunity. Shoot for getting an amount they would be interested in investing. You won’t usually get a commitment on the first meeting but do not accept vagueness. Get a clear idea of where they stand, and what next steps might be to move them through the pipeline. Hypotheticals are also useful: When I lock on my lead investor, how much would you be interested in investing? Then expand potential angel network through referrals with something like the “Glad you’re pumped… any thoughts on who else I should meet with?” 
mentioned earlier.

If you or anyone is interested in diving deeper on this topic here is 99% of what you would ever need to know for pre-seed/seed:
🖥️ How to Raise Money by Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway and Parker Conrad
🖥️ How to raise money from angel investors by Jason Calacanis
🖥️ How to negotiate a term sheet by Jason Calacanis
🖥️ Understanding SAFEs and Priced Equity Rounds by Kirsty Nathoo
🖥️ How to Get Meetings with Investors and Raise Money by Aaron Harris
🖥️ Fundraising Fundamen
tals By Geoff Ralston
📕 A Guide to Seed Fundraising by Geoff Ralston
📕 How to Raise Money by Paul Graham
📕 How to convince investors by Paul Graham
🖥️ Investor Meeting Role Playi
ng by Kevin Hale and Qasar Younis
🖥️ Investor Meeting Role Playing by Sam Altman & Yuri Sagalov
🖥️ Investor Meeting Role Pla
ying by Adora Cheung & Avichal Garg
Sure, definitely would love to continue this in DM's.
Wow! Huge Value and those additional sources will be very insightful to me, I will definitely look into them. Thanks a lot! 
We can make it public if you're comfortable so that everyone can see and gain value. 

Yes let me know if you need any help or feedback! :)
James Skylor  Regarding the Twitter strategy, doesn't it expose us? I mean all our tweets are shown in our profile right so if say an investor is to see my profile he/she will know oh look he is trying to get all these investors or something like that...
Here's the Pitch Deck Guys PDF & PPT Format: Please Take a look and let me know your thoughts and feedback and stuff.
Life+ Share Pitch 2.0.pptx 3.82 MB
When sharing your deck always share it as a PDF. I opened the file and there is a bunch of formatting issues as it didn't open up PowerPoint. A lot of VCs will immediately disregard just from this. If you send as a PDF everyone can check it out and it will keep its formatting. I'll take a look at the pdf version later this evening :)
Another follow-up question: 
Should I rather first send a One-Pager and then if they revert back to me, if they are interested then will I send my Pitch
I wouldn't send them anything in cold outreach. That's going to be an extremely hard game to play. I would work on spending time building relationships and interacting with them before pitching. Once you do this you can send a deck but it needs to highlight traction (what you've done), where you're going and what you want
Akhil Draksharapu to comment on the slides:
Here's a template you may want to use (update with your branding / design): https://www.ycombinator.com/library/2u-how-to-build-your-seed-round-pitch-deck

Problem slide is good and easy to understand.
Solution slide is way too broad. State exactly what you do otherwise they'll think you're just full of talk and not doing anything. All VCs would exit your deck and immediately write you off after reading that solution slide as it sounds like total BS. State specifics that you have / done.
Market size slide make sure you illustrate just the Indian market or whatever specific vertical within the broader healthcare market that you're working within. Obviously the market is large. Teach me something about the specific market you're working in.
All the other slides play on the same theme of too broad with no specifics and make it seem like a scam / BS deal. Also a $15m Seed is unheard of even in Silicon Valley! That's an A not a seed. This must be $15m Indian Rupees??
You need to eliminate all the broad theory talk and showcase what you have actually done, why you need capital and what you can do with that capital. 

To be honest, We haven't "Done" anything other than writing down the business plan, pitch deck and market research, because we are that company who needs "Seed" round to get the ball rolling. 

Yes, we are indeed all about a broad theme, we are the "Ultimate Platform" the Indian healthcare industries needs.  

The reason for a big initial check? is as we know its better to raise a lot of money right in the beginning than later, because as they say fundraising is an all-time work, and if we manage to get that kinda check, that will give us the greater advantage to get out a great product with top talent.
Akhil Draksharapu  you'll have a significantly better chance winning the lottery than raising a $15m Seed without having done anything. I strongly suggest you ideate what you and the team can do to prove out the concept and acquire customers (whether that's cash, contracts or LOIs) before even considering fundraising.

I've seen companies 'get the ball rolling' on sending satellites to space without having raised a dime (built a miniature version as a prototype - used that validation to fundraise). It's not worth wrecking your reputation trying to fundraise $1m let alone $15m on a fairyland idea. Everyone has ideas, VCs want to see you're not just full of talk and that you can actually execute. Go execute and you'll give yourself a shot at fundraising but even then you'll be looking at $500k - $1.5m. A $15m seed is a pipe dream unless you strike gold with some crypto scheme
Akhil Draksharapu  Yes please always default to building (doing) and talking to customers. Try to get LOIs (letters of intent) or pre-sell your product. Anything to get some tangible validation of your idea

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